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Credit Card Processing For Small Business With No Monthly Fee

The average cost of processing payments for an American business earning $10,000 to $250,000 in annual payments volume is between 2.87% to 4.35% per transaction. The majority of that fee is the interchange fee charged by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or any other credit card brand. If you add the cost of monthly fees, swipe fees, batch fees, equipment fees, and processing fees, it becomes a high cost for small businesses, lowering their profit margins. As merchants face increasing competition and rising business costs, many are turning to Zero Fee credit card processing with no monthly fee as a solution.

Business owner using POS system installed with zero fee credit card processing program

What is Zero Fee Credit Card Processing?

Zero fee credit card processing is a No fee payment program where a business owner wisely offsets their cost of processing by offering a cash and a credit price to their customers. This means the cost of paying by credit is slightly higher to cover your cost of processing. This is the fastest growing program throughout the country, as it provides the business owner with the opportunity to cover their processing overhead, while still maintaining their low prices. This is the cheapest and best credit card processing solution that will eliminate up to 100% of your credit card processing fees.

Benefits Of Our Zero Fee Credit Card Processing Program for Small Businesses

Shop owner taking payment from a customer utilizing zero fee credit card processing program

Zero fee credit card processing has numerous benefits for small businesses. The main concern for a business owner is to generate business sales and increase its profit margins. Our No fee credit card processing solution satisfies both of these concerns. It allows them to offer a variety of payment options that business owners can enable at their location to increase foot traffic and generate business sales that would increase their profits. As your credit card processing company, Finical will handle all aspects of setting up your business with our No fee credit card processing program with zero monthly fees. There are many other benefits of a zero fee processing program.

check mark for zero fee credit card processing program No Monthly Fees

Some payment processing companies charge a monthly fee for using their services. The fee might vary by the number of transactions your business has per month. With Finical zero fee credit card processing, you pay no monthly fee.

check mark finical No Swipe Fees

Many credit card processors charge a fee for every credit card swipe through your payment terminal. With a Finical credit card processing account, you are never charged a swipe fee.

check mark finical No Batch Fees

Some merchant services and processing companies charge an ACH or Batch Fee for receiving large volumes of transactions in batches. Finical zero fee credit card processing doesn’t charge any batch fees.

check mark finical Accept All Brands of Cards.

People have a preference when it comes to payment methods. Finical is a leading provider of payment processing solutions that can help you offer your customers the ability to pay with any major credit card.

check mark finical No Interchange Fees

An interchange rate is a wholesale fee that accounts for most of the cost of accepting credit card payments from Brand cards. Many companies charge the business owner separately for Interchange expenses. Your interchange fees are all included with Finical zero fee credit card processing.

check mark finical No Rate Increases

With our zero fee program, you never have to worry about credit card processing rate increases again.

check mark finical Free Credit Card Reader And Terminal For Qualified Merchants

Finical offers free payment equipment with a qualified merchant account. With the free equipment and zero-fee program, you can save a big chunk on processing costs that you would rather pay for using the traditional credit card processing option.

What Type of Small Businesses can Benefit from Zero Fee Credit Card Processing?

What business would not want to provide their customers with flexible payment options while keeping their own overhead low, and prices low? Most businesses are eligible for the Zero Fee credit card processing program. As long as you can show you’re a legitimate business you won’t have any problem signing up for the zero-fee credit card processing program. The following types of businesses are just a few examples of businesses that can reap the rewards from zero fee credit card processing:

  • Construction Companies.
  • Convenience Stores.
  • Dental Practices.
  • Equipment Rental Services.
  • Grocery Stores.
  • HVAC Services.
  • Independent Contractors.
  • Landscaping & Lawn Care Companies.
  • Medical Practices.
  • Mental Health Practitioners.
  • Non-Profit Organizations.
  • Pawn Brokers.
  • Plumbing Companies and Contractors.
  • Pest Control & Exterminating.
  • Restaurants & Bars.
  • Retail Stores.
  • Services Businesses.
  • Technology Companies.
  • Truck Stops.


What is the Cheapest Credit Card Processing for Small Businesses?

In order to determine the cheapest credit card processing program available in the market, it is important to understand the different pricing models used by payment processors to determine your rates. Let’s check them out below and conclude which pricing model is the cheapest.

Tiered pricing: This pricing model charges you progressively higher rates based on the type of card used.

Flat-rate pricing: It charges a flat percentage plus a transaction fee for all credit, debit, or rewards card transactions.

Interchange-Plus pricing: It charges the interchange fee (cost) of the credit card issuer plus a mark-up percentage of the credit card processing company. This pricing model is very common and transparent where you know how much you are paying to the processor and how much is going towards the interchange fees.

Membership-based pricing: It is a fixed monthly or annual membership fee.

Zero fee credit card processing: It eliminates your processing expense by offering customers a cash and a credit price. Much like gas stations have for years. The credit price is slightly higher to cover your cost of processing. This is all done automatically.

So based on the pricing model discussed above, you can clearly conclude that zero fee credit card processing is the cheapest credit card processing solution out there in the market offering the lowest rates with free equipment options for qualified merchants. The best value credit card processing company is the one that provides the features you need at the lowest price for your business.

Join the many satisfied Business Owners who Use Zero Fee Credit Card Processing from Finical

If you are a small business owner overpaying in credit card processing fees, then zero fee processing solution is the perfect fit for you. You not only save on the fees for processing credit cards but also save on other types of fees like monthly fees, PCI fees, batch fees, etc. With Finical’s zero fee credit card processing solution, you won’t have to worry about credit card processing fees anymore.

  • No more setting aside the spending budget for credit card processing.
  • No more hassle of thinking twice to either accept credit card payment at your business location.
  • No more spending lot of money on expensive equipment.
  • No more signing in on yearly contracts.
Group of business owners satisfied with no fee credit card processing program

Our credit card reader and terminals allow you to process EMV chip cards and mobile wallet payments such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Finical provides innovative credit card security technology (EMV), offering PCI-compliant end-to-end encryption to protect your customer’s credit card data. Our 2/7 World Class Customer Service and Support will always have your back. We treat our merchants as business partners and caring for our business partners is tied to our success as well.

Simply sign up with our Zero fee program and start accepting all kinds of payments at your location using our integrated payment processing solution tuned up with our no fee credit card processing program. Are you ready to experience the power of our Zero Fee credit card processing program and save thousands of dollars each month? Contact us today.

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