Credit Card Processing for Healthcare Businesses

At Finical, we care and appreciate all the work you do. We understand you need a payment processing solution that should be robust, effective, and capable of processing high volume transactions. We have designed our payment processing solutions to ease the hassle of not only collecting payments from your patients but also doing it in a way that sets your medical facility apart. Our solutions are designed from start to finish with convenience and security at the forefront. Whether you need a traditional countertop credit card terminal, a fully integrated tablet model, or a touchless mobile version, we can help your business choose the best solution to process payments at your medical facility.

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Secure and Efficient Service For The Caring Industry

Yours is a caring industry and we care about you. Your accounts receivable department will appreciate the extra attention we’ve invested into the layout and design of all our POS terminals. Our terminals won’t sacrifice functionality for simplicity. We fully understand your industry is already complex, so we go the extra mile to ensure we don’t waste your valuable time and energy processing payments. Our unique technology ensures your transactions are fast, easy, and efficient without worrying about medical record compliance, stolen patient information, or unnecessary complexity.

Give Your Patients What They Need

At Finical, we are fully aware that the last thing on your patient’s mind when they are in dire need is how to pay for your medical services. That’s why we’ve designed our POS terminals to be easy to use, flexible, and convenient. Your patients will appreciate your efforts to make their checkout experience as painless as possible while ensuring your business doesn’t spend unnecessary labor trying to process payments. Our goal is to provide quick, secure transactions, and our solutions are a perfect fit for businesses in the healthcare industry.

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Credit Card Terminals For Medical and Healthcare Merchants

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We know your patients want options, so we make every effort to ease their burden. Unexpected medical expenses are stressful enough, so our goal is to help your patients pay in whatever way is easiest for them while avoiding any additional costs to you.

For patients who prefer to use credit cards instead of cash, they can pay through our multi-application credit card readers, which can be either wired or wireless based on your needs. If you have a patient that prefers to pay with a check, our check acceptance service can help process checks smoothly.

Our Finical Pro solution turns your tablet into a fully integrated and fully functional POS system using short-range Bluetooth technology. Therefore, helping you stay mobile and effective. With this, your medical facility can accept ApplePay, GooglePay, EMV cards, and all other payment forms your patients wish to pay with. Our built-in reporting features allow your business to produce reporting that makes sense.

We know your patients have enough on their minds without having to worry about having an outdated, clumsy terminal risking their security. That’s why our POS systems all have an end to end encryption, fast processing speed and a patient check out experience that they’ll appreciate.

Why Choose Finical

While working with some of our healthcare merchants, we understand how vital and important your business is. Our healthcare merchant services include all the necessities your medical facility needs to provide fast, easy, and secure credit card processing while boosting your revenue with our competitive and affordable rates. Our customer service is available 24/7 to provide any assistance you need for free.

Our merchant training program is perfect for new merchants who are coming on board for the first time with us. Our initial merchant services telephone training will get you started to accept payments with your merchant account. However, to help you and your employees get the most from your payment processing, we will provide advanced training to ensure you succeed. You help others. Let us help you. Call us today and schedule a free consultation with our professional experts.

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