Smart and Efficient Merchant Services For Retail Businesses

For most retailers, the ability to accept credit and debit cards is a MUST.  As many as 85% of consumers prefer to use credit cards for their purchases, so it’s vital that you are equipped to serve them. That’s where we come in as one of the best card payment solution providers for your growing business.

Finical is committed to providing value-added services and features so that your customers will always receive your best. The last thing you need for your thriving business is a POS solution that either works sporadically, is too difficult to use, or doesn’t integrate with the latest payment methods. With our unique and custom-tailored solutions, you will be able to serve your customers both in the store and online with a solution that provides a smooth check out experience.

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In-Store Retail Solutions

We have the perfect in-store card processing solutions for all of your business needs. Whether you’re a clothing retailer, liquor store, jewelry store, electronic store, or bakery, we have the optimal system for you. Our in-store POS retail solutions are some of the most robust in existence and can be custom-tailored to your specific needs. We provide first-class, U.S. based customer service to resolve your particular issue. We also offer advanced training to help you get the most out of your merchant account and start accepting payments with ease.

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Online Retail Solutions

Our online payment solutions are second to none. Our web-based terminal system operates a physical credit card terminal your employees may already be familiar with, without the use of a card reader. We offer a secure virtual terminal that can easily connect with your checkout page and process transactions smoothly. We also have an e-commerce solution that connects your website to several other popular shopping carts and payment systems. Our online payment solution ensures you’ll never miss a sale because the customer had difficulty processing their payment. That’s why we offer the best shopping experience and checkout solutions for our online retailers.

Whether your business is purely e-commerce or your brick and mortar has an online presence, we can meet your needs. Our payment systems enable your business to accept credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, and even gift cards. Our online retail solutions are designed to get your business paid quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Credit Card Terminals For Retail Merchants

Once you’ve chosen to start accepting credit cards, you’ll need the equipment to do so. Here at Finical, we believe that providing your payment service needs isn’t enough – so we provide all the state of the art equipment you could need – FOR FREE. Our experienced experts will help you choose the best technology for your business’s unique needs. We can help you determine if you would be best suited for a wired terminal, wireless terminal, or even one for mobile devices! We then ship it right to your door as a thank you for putting your trust in us.

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Secure and Convenient Service For Your Brick and Mortar Business

Finical provides secure and convenient payment processing for your brick and mortar business.

Why Choose Finical

We know how much your business means to you. We are here to provide you with the same level of dedication that you provide to your customers. Finical will be here for you and your customers every step of the way. When your customers have options for ways to pay and can do so securely, they are more likely to continue shopping with your business. This translates into bigger profits for you!

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At Finical, we provide your business with the latest, state of the art equipment designed to comply with the ever-changing digital marketplace. We have the newest NFC readers and provide you with updated EMV compliant terminals, created to reduce liability and fraud. Many of today’s consumers use the latest ways to pay you, including Apple Pay and Google Wallet. With our innovation and integration capabilities, you’ll never miss a sale.

Whether you are preparing to accept payments in-person, online, or both, there is no better time to get started than today. Schedule a free, no-commitment consultation call with us today to find the best solution for your business needs. Sign up today and claim not only a discount, but compare our merchant fees with other providers. We GUARANTEE to beat all legitimate rates while providing the most advanced, up to date solutions available anywhere.

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