Owning a company can have many challenges especially concerning processing payments and billing. Merchant Services relied on countertop terminals to input credit card purchases, processing services to accept purchases, and Merchant Accounts deposit and withdraw the money, or add credit and debit cards as payment options.

Today eCommerce is opening up far more opportunities to sell products from anywhere rather than just mail and telephone orders, and it is more complex. Software products like Payment gateways allow consumers to pay online directly. Simultaneously, inventory tracking and online monitoring systems permit retailers to control nearly any part of an organization on a single device. These technologies help save time, reduce stress, and decrease the need for extra staffing.

Let us explore more about the type of business organization referred to as a Merchant Services provider.

Who Is a Merchant Service Provider?

A Merchant Service Provider is a partner that can help you run and expand your business. It simplifies the processing of credit cards in addition to other resources. Essential functions of Merchant Services providers are:

  • Providing processing tools for smooth, secure transactions for accepting credit, debit, and electronic payments from customers and other vital resources.
    Accepting credit, debit, and electronic payments to facilitate transactions.
  • PCI security enforcement safety is managed when collecting and retaining payment information for your business,
  • Make sure that your consumer data is private.
  • The organization provides technology for managing purchases, understanding business facts, and receiving overdue invoices.

To help further understand the concept of a Merchant Service Provider, here are some fundamental definitions and types of services.

Types of Merchant Services

Merchant Account – An account in which money stored from processed transactions shifts to your supplier’s business account.

Credit/Debit Cards Terminals – Technology hardware products to interpret clients’ credit and debit cards and then pass the data to the provider’s distribution network.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems – Automated solutions for bookkeeping are offered, and other benefits can help small companies survive in a competitive environment.

Mobile Payment (mPOS) Systems – These systems enable you to use your smart device as a credit card terminal.

Payment GatewayPayment Gateway software connects your website and the provider’s distribution networks, enabling transactions to be made online.
Example: PayPal.

Virtual TerminalVirtual terminals are commonly used with mail order and telephone order companies or those accepting phone, fax, or email credit card payments. A virtual terminal is a web page protected in the internet browser to generate card payments online.

eCheck (ACH) Processing – An eCheck is an online form of payment. Funds are withdrawn from the payer’s account electronically, transferred through the ACH network, and deposited to the payee’s account.

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) – A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) operates as a loan, but it is more like a cash advance by using sales by credit card.

Shopping Carts – A shopping cart includes software that records items a buyer has picked up from the online store.

The 3 Most Common Types of Merchant Service Providers

Every Merchant Service Provider Most fall into several groups that distinguish them slightly from their competitors. The most popular categories of providers include the following:

  1. Merchant Account Provider – provides you with a Merchant Account and credit card processing services. Anytime a customer pays by credit or debit card, you can obtain money right away, and the funds are maintained until deposited into the business bank account.
  2. Payment Services Providers (PSPs) – allow businesses to accept numerous online payments like credit, debit, cash cards, and e-wallets. A PSP will handle every stage of your online payment transactions.
  3. Payment Gateway Providers – A payment gateway accepts credit or debit card payments via your website, encrypts transactions. A merchant account then receives and authenticates that funds are available and checks for fraud. Example: PayPal

Finical, a merchant service provider in North America, offers leading-edge payment options to help grow your business. Finical minimizes fees for credit card processing of all types of payments, is PCI-DSS compliant and secure, and all transactions are encrypted. Funds are received within 48 hours. Finical partners with many small businesses and offers individualized credit card processing solutions to ensure that business runs smoothly and effectively and boost revenues.

Finical offers free payment equipment with a qualified merchant account. Finical’s payment processing tools save time and money and offer free setup with a product professional. When you choose Finical as your payment processing partner, you receive:

  • A free credit card terminal so you can accept payments anywhere.
  • Fast payment funding to your business account.
  • 24/7 Customer Service.
  • No Long-term contract.
  • Transparent fees and pricing.

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