Whether your business is cash-only or already accepting credit cards – chances are you could benefit from introducing a wireless credit card terminal. These terminals can help you boost sales, improve customer service, and even expand operations. Want to know how? We’ll go over the top 5 benefits a wireless credit card terminal can bring to your business. Plus, we’ll bust some common misconceptions. Take a look to get started!

Speed up the Checkout Process

Any good salesperson knows that you need to strike while the iron is hot. This means securing a sale quickly. You can’t let your customers wait too long before making a purchase. When this happens, they may decide they actually don’t need your product. This is especially problematic when long lines or slow-moving lines are a common feature at your brick-and-mortar store. You can easily eliminate this problem by introducing a wireless credit card processing terminal.

Restaurants and coffee shops can face the same problem. Servers that need to rush back and forth to take orders, print out a bill, and return credit cards ultimately delay the checkout process. Using a wireless POS system will help you conduct business faster.

Connect with Your Customers

As a brick-and-mortar, your business relies on how well you can connect with the people that walk through your door. Converting foot traffic into sales requires a personalized approach. Your staff is already explaining your products, services, and your business’ identity. Nothing interrupts the opportunity for people to learn about your business like having to shuffle between different team members to ask questions or make a purchase.

Introducing a wireless POS system will streamline your customers’ experience. Your staff will be able to connect more deeply with your customers and offer a more individualized experience. This can help boost customer loyalty and improve sales.

Make Sales Anywhere

A wireless credit card processing terminal gives you the freedom to take payments anywhere. In other words, your business isn’t restricted to a single location anymore. You can take advantage of trade shows, food trucks, farmer’s markets, fairs, community events, and more. You can even host your own events. Anything from networking to promotional activities can be a chance to make sales. Wireless POS systems let you attract new customers and promote your business. You’ll be able to expand operations at minimal to no extra costs.

Improve Your Storefront’s Appearance

As a brick-and-mortar business, it’s especially important to incentivize customers to walk through your doors. Otherwise, people can easily find many of the same products, services, or information from your online competitors. Your storefront needs to be inviting and should communicate what your business is about. Nothing ruins a space like long lines and congested foot traffic. You run the risk of deterring new customers from entering your store and approaching your staff.

You can easily avoid this issue by introducing a wireless credit card terminal. You’ll be able to keep your customers spread out and improve the checkout process. This will help eliminate lines and congestion. You can even use all that extra space to introduce new merchandise, sponsorships, or freshen up your appearance!

Easier Than You Think

There may be a handful of reasons why you haven’t yet introduced a wireless credit card terminal at your business. Maybe you don’t want to increase your costs, take the time to train staff, or the bulk of your customers are already paying with cash. Truth is, none of these issues have to prevent you from introducing a wireless POS system.

Introducing a wireless credit card terminal is actually inexpensive – and the benefits from additional credit card revenue can quickly make up for any costs. Some companies will even give you a free credit card terminal. Even if most of your customers are already paying in cash, you can still accept credit cards without increasing your costs with a zero fee program. Plus, some companies will train you and your staff on how to use their wireless devices. Introducing a wireless payment system brings a lot of benefits and is easier than you think! All it takes is finding the right credit card processing company to work with.

The Best Wireless POS System For Your Business

Finical is a credit card processing company that offers modern-day wireless and mobile payment solutions for your businesses – from spas, auto shops, restaurants, retail stores, gyms, vets, and more. Finical has built up a reputation for exceptional customer service that includes free credit card readers and free equipment training. Finical also makes it easy and inexpensive for your business to accept credit cards with its Dual Pricing program. Get in touch to learn more about how wireless payment solutions can boost your business!

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