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Credit Card Processing for for CBD, Kratom, and Delta 8 Merchants

CBD, Delta 8, and Kratom vendors often disguise their products as herbal remedies. They can’t advertise them as having medical or therapeutic because they are not FDA-approved. While they are not controlled narcotic substances, they are controversial. Until now, these merchants have had difficulty accepting debit, credit cards, or online payments because traditional payment processors classify them as “high-risk.”

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In-Store Payments

In-Store payments are the conventional form of credit card payments made by a credit card holder at a physical retailer’s location. While they are the traditional form of credit card payment, they can include cards with EMV chip technology to swipe, tap, or dip their credit card in-person. Physical payments require the purchase of a point-of-sale system. The POS system includes all the necessary hardware, like a credit card reader, and the software that processes the credit card information. After inserting, swiping, or tapping their card, transactions take only seconds.

lady shopping in a grocery store
lady shopping in a grocery store

NFC Contactless Payments

Contactless payments (near field communication (NFC) contactless payments) refer to the ability of a cardholder to make a purchase without having to swipe or insert a credit card. NFC payment systems wirelessly transfer data from your smartphone and transmitting it to the payment terminal through radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Contactless NFC payments provide a safe and secure checkout experience for consumers and store personnel.

Online Payments

A merchant that accepts payment via their website is receiving online payment. To get online payments you need to open a merchant account with a payment processor and connection your web product purchase page to the online payments system. Suppose a visitor enters their credit card information on your purchase page and hits the submit button. In that case, they are redirected seamlessly to the service provider’s website. The transaction is securely transmitted the payment processor’s payment gateway to verify card details and confirm sufficient funds are available to complete the transaction.

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Why Choose Finical as Your High-Risk Merchant Account Provider?

Finical, a North American merchant service provider, offers leading-edge payment options to help grow your business. We provide products to minimize fees for credit card processing of all types of payments. Our systems are PCI-DSS compliant and secure, and all transactions are encrypted. When you partner with us, you receive:

  • Free credit card terminal.
  • Fast payment funding to your business account.
  • 24/7 Customer Service.
  • No Long-term contract.
  • Transparent fees and pricing.

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